Date: February 13, 2006  (lesson#2)

Course: World History                                                         Unit:  The Industrial Revolution

Lesson:  Changes in the Nature of Work                           Grade level: 7

Time Length: One 43-minute class period

PDE Academic Standards: 8.1.6 A, B, D; 8.1.9 A, C, D; 8.2.6 C; 8.3.6 C; 6.4.6 A; 9.3.8 F; 9.4.5 D; 1.1.8 C,E,F.


            -Students will compare and Contrast the how work was done before the industrial revolution and after by developing a T-chart at their seats that illustrates the before and after effects of the time.

            -Students will examine the attitudes of this new system by watching a satire video and answering questions related to analyzing the creator’s intent

            Key Question:  How did work change for the average citizen?



            -Lecture overhead and student lecture outlines

            -Text worksheet answer key

            -Charlie Chaplain in Modern Times videocassette

            -Video question sheet

Anticipatory Set:            (2 min)

            -“Moment of Zen”[1]: write the quote on the board

“Once you have learned to ask questions - relevant and appropriate and substantial questions - you have learned how to learn and no one can keep you from learning whatever you want or need to know.”

                                                                                                -Neill Postman and Charles Weingartner


            -Hand out lecture outline to students (1m)

-Discuss the change in the nature of work by overhead lecture and adding to previous lesson’s chart and board. (10m)

-Show Charlie Chaplain in Modern Times and ask students to record some characteristics about factory work at their seats and answer questions as we go, with the teacher stopping the video as necessary.  This question sheet should be completed for homework and assigned a point value based on the amount of characteristics they can name on the back of the sheet. (22m)


Closure, Summary:             (5m)

            -Have students answer the key question and attach the card to their rings

            -Instruct students to finish the last 2 questions on the worksheet for homework

            -Assign students into 5 groups and post the groups in the classroom.

            -Instruct students to find their groups at the start of the next class as soon as they come in. Teacher should arrange the tables’ in-group form with sources and colored construction paper for each member in a folder in the middle prior to the start of class and put a sign on door to remind students to find their tables when they walk in.



            -Students will be evaluated by the answers they turn in on the question sheet and the number of characteristics of factory work they can name.  Students will also have a question from the lesson regarding the change in the nature of work included on the unit test.



            -I am truly hoping the students enjoy the comic of Charlie Chaplain and pick up the satire of the skit at the same time.  The point is that they skit will be memorable enough to assist with remembering the concept of the changing nature of work. Time is obviously going to be a factor


[1] Thank you, Dr. Marion Mason, Psychological Foundations of Education